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Success Story

Sustainability Report of a municipal mobility organisation

Updating the sustainability report of a municipal mobility organisation according to GRI and EMAS III

The update of the GRI Standard to the "GRI Universal Standards 2021" was a challenge for many companies. The change was accompanied by the restructuring and adaptation of some indicators as well as the changed requirements to report GRI compliant. This restructuring of the standard requires a corresponding adjustment of sustainability reporting.

Objective / Service applied

As part of the project, the changes to the GRI standard were analysed and prepared by brands & values for the company in a comprehensible way. This was followed by the partial restructuring of the sustainability report, taking into account the EMAS III environmental management system and the new GRI Universal Standards 2021, as well as the update of the report content in collaboration with the company. Prior to the external auditor's review, the report was examined by brands & values' internal environmental auditors. Taking a look at the future, a potential analysis was carried out to identify opportunities for improvement for the next reporting cycle.

Solution / Project results

The company's sustainability report was checked by an external auditor and published in mid-2023. Through the potential analysis, goals for the next report were set in order to enhance the report and thus the communication with stakeholders and the company's external profile.

Further information

The contact person is Tatjana Wiechers.