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Sustainability Strategy for energy suppliers

Establishment of a comprehensive sustainability management system for an energy supplier

Municipal energy suppliers face major challenges in meeting the 1.5 degree target and at the same time play a key role in achieving it. The energy supplier was aiming for the implementation of an integrated sustainability management system, the creation of a fully elaborated sustainability strategy and the publication of its first standards-based sustainability report.

Objective / Service applied

Brands and Values carried out the detailed conceptualisation and integration. This included the development of an initial sustainability strategy through the addition of an external stakeholder survey, initial formulation of relevant targets, measures and indicators, the assessment of a corporate carbon footprint including 9 subsidiaries, the development of a climate neutrality path, the implementation of organisational and operational structures, the selection of suitable sustainability management software, the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals and the adoption of the results in a sustainability report according to the DNK standard. The goal was to create a general sustainability basis and to prepare the energy supplier for future regulatory developments such as the CSRD.

Solution / Project results

The project results can be found in the publicly accessible DNK statement:

Further information

The contact person is Karsten Muuß. Further information is available here: https://www.eam.de/ueber-uns/regionales-engagement/