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Database-supported Software Solution for lightweight plastic components

Optimisation of the CO2 balance, resource efficiency and recyclability of lightweight plastic components through the development and dissemination of a database-supported software tool

The aim of the project is to guide the process of lightweight products in terms of holistic performance optimisation. For this purpose, a software tool for the coherent evaluation and comparison of the environmental and resource performance of lightweight plastic products is to be developed. This software will be already applied in the design and construction phase of such products and will offer users support in decision-making on a multi-criteria basis. In particular, product designers and constructors will be able to identify conflicting objectives that arise from contrary demands, such as low weight and adequate recyclability at the same time. In order to maximise the economic benefit in addition to the direct utilisation of the results by the project partners, the proposed project includes an address-specific "roll-out" programme in various formats for the direct transfer of the project results into the general industry and to the associated partners in particular.

The aspired software solution aims to determine the following parameters:

Objective / Service applied

Despite our small organisational size, it is important for us to continue collaborating on and shaping research topics. We support this project with our know-how in the field of method development and sustainability software expertise.

Solution / Project results

In progress. Project duration: 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2026

Further information

Contact person is Tobias Brinkmann. Further information will follow.